In-Network / Preferred Provider Status

In-Network / Preferred Provider Status

We are an in network provider with almost all dental insurance and discount plans.  If you have any questions about whether we are “in-network” or “accept” your insurance, please Contact Us.

If we are not contracted with your insurance, there is a good chance that we will do so just for you!

Ask About Insurance

We try to respond to inquiries very rapidly.  You are more than welcome to give us a call or text to 772-774-7787 or Contact Us Here as well.

A Few Words On Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is currently a difficult field to navigate for both patients and doctors.  We do our very best to verify any plan you may have prior to your appointment.  Nearly every plan requires an actual phone call to your insurance company.

Dental insurance is not like medical insurance.  For procedures beyond your typical basic exams and x-rays, often dental insurance acts more as a discount to the patient, and provides access to doctors in geographical areas.  Some plans do provide for reimbursement on procedures.  More don’t than do, and that is where many patients get surprised.   This is why prevention is key to not getting caught with unexpected medical expenses.

We always do our best to identify your plan benefits, and provide you with a treatment plan that reflects those benefits, as your company has provided them to us.  We will file claims, accept assignment of benefit, and work to obtain the reimbursement expected.  However, it is important to learn as much about your plan prior to your appointment.  As with all medical claims, responsibility lies with the patient.   If you are not familiar with your plan, we will gladly take the time to explain your benefits (again, as your company has explained them to us), and work to create a plan that works for you.

To Summarize

  • Learn about your plan as much as possible prior to your visit
  • Prevention is key, use your plan for these benefits as they are the kindest to your wallet
  • Dental insurance is as difficult for patients as they are doctors