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Step 1) Register online as a patient of the practice

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Telehealth for Dentistry? How?!

No, obviously we cannot perform dentistry via teleconference! That’s silly!  However, Teledentistry offers many benefits to dental patients.

1) After a short conversation with a doctor, and a complete medical history review, the doctor can perform a screening of your dental problems.  We also can gather insurance information.  From there, we can prepare for your actual visit if necessary.  Furthermore, we can prescribe medications to control conditions such as infection, pain, and sensitivity.

2) People are generally not big fans of the dentist.  Surprised?  As a result, Teledentistry gives you an opportunity to meet your dentist. Also, you can do this before you leave your house!  Above all, this gives you the chance to put your mind at ease that you are in good hands.

3) Covid-19 has changed the face of healthcare forever.  Infection control and reducing patient interactions are extremely important. It reduces the risk of transmission between patients, staff, and anyone else you might run into along the way to your appointment.  Telemedicine serves many more functions to aid in the mitigation of transmission of disease.

4) Insurance companies have notified us they are providing payments for these “visits”.  We don’t consider financial benefits to be among the most important. However, it is a testament that this technology is here to stay.