Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort

We take patient comfort very seriously.  We know many patients come to us in pain, or are concerned about pain caused by a procedure or a needle.

One of the things you need to understand is minimizing pain is mostly just a process that takes time.  You will feel as though everyone on our team is cognizant of your comfort level.  You wont feel rushed, we always utilize topical anesthetic, and we ensure you are as numb as possible before we begin a procedure.

Some of the techniques we employ are “old school”, but effective, and some of techniques involve the employment of new technologies available to us in the dental field.

  • Many impressions we can now take using an intraoral scanner.  What this means to you is less goopy, gaggy impressions.  What it means to us is higher accuracy, better clinical outcomes and preservation of records.
  • We utilize technologies such as Dental Vibe to reduce the discomfort during the administration of local anesthesia.

We will also manage any discomfort or pain you may have after a procedure.  Post-operative discomfort is a fact of life in dentistry, sometimes.  This is one of the reasons we have made it so easy to contact us.

Patient Comfort via painless numbing

Patient Entertainment / Conveniences

  • Every operatory is equipped with big screen smart TVs with Netflix, Pandora, Cable TV, Spotify, and Tubi.  Of course, we also use these screens to demonstrate and educate our patients on their oral health!
  • Communicate with our office, confirm appointments, check into our virtual waiting room, inquire about your treatment, and beyond all by texting our business phone number at 772-774-7787.  Please note, this service allows for us to communicate back and forth via text – it cannot be used to send images.  If you need to send us images, such as your insurance card, please Click Here
  • High speed wireless internet available free to all of our patients – the days of picking a tape or CD from an in-office catalogue are no more.  Feel free to turn your smartphone’s “WiFi Calling” feature on as our specific location in town as well as our new aluminum roof make for poor cellular reception.
  • Hot hand towels available to clean off after your procedure – we can’t let you go back into the world with dental materials on your face!
  • Tinted eye protection to protect you from debris and our bright lights
  • Neck support pillows and blankets available for those with vertebral discomfort, or if it’s a bit too cold for your liking.
  • Patient portal available to all patients in order to access your records and make appointments at your convenience.  If you would like to request access to the portal, please Click Here.