Contemporary Dentistry

Contemporary Dentistry

Our practice motto is “Contemporary Techniques, Compassionate Care, Comfortable Dentistry”

Contemporary Techniques – In-Office

We utilize technology in order to improve every aspect of our dental practice.  Most importantly, in-office technology reduces errors and enables communication.  Also, it improves patient satisfaction.

However, we know many of our patients may not be comfortable using technology.  No problem, just pick up the phone and call us at 772-774-7787.  Luckily, the technology we utilize does not add any additional cost to your care.

Contemporary Techniques – Clinical

Clinically, you will experience technology use during most of your procedures.  For instance, we use low radiation digital x-rays, 3D intraoral scanners and cameras, digital record keeping and prescription submission, and much more.  This means much more accurate and successful procedures and prosthetics.

We do keep in mind, there are some techniques that have been around for decades that maintain their validity to this day.  Besides tried and true dental techniques, we also believe in good ole’ fashioned customer service.  Of course, this translates into means happy smiles, and more hugs!

Compassionate Care

Our patients arrive in our office often in pain and scared.  Many patients are unaware of the dental benefits that are available to them, and are confronted with big decisions to make.  We will walk you through the process with compassion, and find a solution that works.

While in the dental chair, we always strive to make you feel comfortable.  Therefore, you should sense this from the beginning of your visit.  You can read a bit about our extensive list of in-office conveniences here. 

Comfortable Dentistry

The comfort of our patients is of utmost concern to us.  Typically, one of the first questions we will ask is if you are in any pain. We utilize both modern, and age old techniques to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible.